Rates & Additional Services

Residential Rates
The current fee for a single-family residence is $14.40 per month for once-a-week pickup.  An extra 90-gallon container can be obtained for an additional $10.00 monthly fee.  Extra container service must be maintained for a minimum of eight months.

Sanitation charges are included with water and sewer charges on monthly utility bills.  

Customers can also arrange non-routine collections for large loads or items that are not allowed during regular collection service.  To schedule a special pick up, call 970-240-1480 or 970-240-1400.

Non-routine residential collections:
  • $15 minimum per load
  • $30 minimum per load for large collections requiring extra labor and equipment
Tree trimmings:
  • $30 per half hour
  • $50 per hour
  • Tree trimmings cut by professional tree trimmers will not be collected.
Freon Disposal:
  • $20 in addition to any applicable collection fee
Non-Residential Rates
Non-residential rates are calculated using the following formula:
  • (Rate)*((Gallon capacity of container * number of pickups per week)*52)/12
The current non-residential rate is $0.022 per gallon.

Non-scheduled commercial collections:
  • $50 minimum per load
  • $150 per load for large collections requiring extra labor and equipment